Lakes Counselling

These are some reflections from former clients on their experience of working with me. All comments are published by kind permission of the clients themselves, with my thanks.

During my sessions with Lucy she allowed me to empty all the bad feelings and emotions I had been holding onto for too long. I was then able to see things clearer and become more focused on the present as I had let go of things from the past. I felt comfortable in the environment Lucy provided and felt I could trust Lucy with what I said and that there would be no judgement. The sessions have helped me to accept anxiety and depression as part of me... that it is ok to not be ok sometimes and that there is help available.

Both as a [counselling] client and as a supervisee, I have experienced Lucy as a person able and willing to tune in with the emotions in the room. Her presence is strong and her intuitions are spot on. Truly committed to the person-centred values, Lucy offers a safe space to challenge yourself both personally and professionally. The therapeutic relationship I have experienced with Lucy has been enriching and uplifting.

I was surprised at how affirming it felt to be listened to. Having cried for my entire first session with Lucy, I came away wondering if it had done any good. But in the days and weeks that followed, I started to feel better. It’s as if I had emptied all the bad stuff out and created a nice big space to put some good things back into my life. In a very short space of time, I have managed to get back on track and feel as if I am me again.

I came to Lucy during a period of great fear and uncertainty and she responded with the compassion and respect I so desperately needed. During my time with her I felt heard and valued as she walked with me through the most challenging chapter of my life. Counselling with Lucy has enabled me to experience important realisations about myself and my relationships – it has been truly life-changing.

A friendly, unbiased, comfortable space to analyse, work through and reflect on myself and my issues.

Having Lucy as my counsellor was an absolute pleasure. I felt heard, was given time to process my thoughts, and was challenged to expand and explore the important issues that came up. When it got tough she was very sensitive to my needs and I felt safe enough to show my emotions without feeling that I would be judged. She is a warm and caring person who made me feel very welcome and comfortable from start to finish. I really appreciate how she helped me.

I thank Lucy for the time spent counselling me... I'd really gone quite low... the experience of Lucy listening to my ramblings, some sessions I could not think what to say yet running out of time as I just opened up was really helpful. The skill that Lucy has to listen, retain information and recall sometimes weeks later was tremendous and really helpful given the nature of my dotting about. I've never opened up to anyone before my sessions with Lucy... I cannot say enough about Lucy's ability to put in place a neutral environment where I could open up and explore myself. The sessions with Lucy have changed my outlook and I am back to being myself.

At the end of my time with Lucy my confidence had returned. Her approach was one of support and calmness. I found the sessions to be a place where I could express my thoughts and fears knowing there was someone who would listen.

Lucy provided a safe and secure environment to look at what was happening to me. She helped me to explore options that were available, many of which I had blocked out. I was challenged and came away with ways forward. I would really recommend Lucy as an extremely empathic and enabling counsellor.

I experienced counselling from Lucy as a very significant self-affirming process. She offers the core conditions* in such a warm and nurturing way, I felt freed to explore my own issues safe in the knowledge that I was well supported. If I felt the need for future work, I would return to her.

Following the death of my mother, there was much conflict within my family. Lucy helped me through the aftermath of bereavement and I was able to keep grounded and true to myself in spite of much family criticism. Her insights into a confusing and distressing situation, particularly through images of what was going on, were invaluable in finding a way forward.


*The core conditions are what Carl Rogers believed the therapist should offer the client in order to help them change: empathy, unconditional acceptance and genuineness.